Regular meetings for battlegames and hijinx are Saturday afternoons at Taylor Park.
New as of Sept 2014 Rules of Play (PDF)

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What we do.

Amtgard is a fantasy based live role playing organization with a large focus on medieval combat. All of our weapons are safe, foam-padded, replicas of swords, daggers, arrows, and other medieval weapons. In addition to the fighting, we strive to better ourselves in creating new pieces of costume, armor, music, and art.

Alexar draws
Alexar draws.

Each weekend we hold battlegames around the state for fun and practice. There are also several camping events that take place each year. These events can attract hundreds of people to battle, socialize, camp out, and have a good time. Chapters also hold feasts every 3 months to honor our leaders and members that make this game a fun place to be on weekends.

The rules for combat are simple: a hit to a limb disables that limb, a hit to the torso kills you, a hit to a second limb kills you, head and neck are out of bounds.
Much like Dungeons & Dragons and other role playing games there are different classes to choose from. Each class has it's own special abilities and limitations, increasing in power as you gain experience. The abilities of your class can sometimes be the only thing keeping you alive versus a more skilled opponent or a horde of newbie warriors.

Where we do it.

Duchy of Pegasus Valley

Battlegames on Saturdays from noon until dark at Taylor Park (Indian School and Pennsylvania)
Fighting Practice on Tuesdays from 6PM at Bataan Memorial Park (Lomas and Tulane Dr)
Arts & Sciences on Thursdays from 5PM to 8PM at Twin Suns Comic Shop (6301 Riverside Plaza Ln)
[Website] [Facebook]

West Albuquerque/Rio Rancho,
Shire of Storm Fall Mesa

Battlegames on Sundays from noon at Salida del Sol Park (Driftwood Dr.)
Team Tactics on Tuesdays from 5PM at Salida del Sol Park
Arts & Sciences on Thursdays from 5PM to 8PM at Twin Suns Comic Shop (6301 Riverside Plaza Ln)

Nilifane in combat
Nilifane in combat

Santa Fe,
Shire of Wyrm Spire

Battlegames most Sunday afternoons at Herb Martinez Park (Camino Carlos Rey)
See the chapter's Facebook Group for meeting days.

Las Cruces,
Kingdom of Dragonspine

Battlegames on Saturdays from Apodaca Park (Solano and Madrid)
[Website] [Facebook]

Shire of The Savage Highlands

Battlegames on Sundays from 1PM until dark at Wingfield Park (Wingfield and Center St.)

Everywhere else...
There are groups all over the world, see The Amtgard Atlas for locations on other chapters.

What you will need to play.

Waiver / New Player Form
You can get one up from the chapter's Chancellor or Prime Minister at the weekly meeting. If you are under 18 you will need a parent/guardian to sign it. The age requirements for combat are 14 years and up or you have to get special permission from the chapter Monarch.

Amtgard Rulebook
The rulebook can be downloaded for free. You can also get a rulebook from a chapter's Chancellor or Prime Minister by paying $10 in dues.

Harkilar prepares to Berserk
Harkilar prepares to Berserk

Amtgard Legal Weapon
You won't need one of these right away, there will be some loaner swords at the park for new people to use. Once you have figured out what style of weapons you want to use, ask someone to help you make your first weapons or come to an Arts & Sciences meeting where many people will be making weapons. A little bit of help from experienced players can prevent "first weapon syndrome" so that you have a safe weapon to hit people with.

Costume / Garb
For your first month it is not necessary to have garb. After that, a basic tabard or tunic plus a class sash is the minimum garb and can be put together for a few dollars in materials. If you have never sewn before, come to an Arts & Sciences meeting. Then you can learn to sew or bribe someone else there with snack cakes to have them sew for you.

Althing Minutes 2/21/2015

Election Results
Elected Guildmasters:
Archer - Serac
Assassin - Amatiel
Barbarian - Kriv
Druid - Kierra
Healer - Amatiel
Monk - Bai Fhu
Monster - Xantcha
Reeve - Shadowcaster
Scout - Fay
Warrior - Shadowcaster

Vacant Guildmaster positions:

Alucard for Regent
Confidence - 11
No Confidence - 1

Highland Games Stuff
Bids for Highland Games should be modified to take into account multiple tiers of weapons so that we can sell both cheap swords for the masses and premium weapons that are more like the swords we actually use.

Shayleigh says that she has a color laser printer that can be used for printing flyers for Highland Games.

We will need more wristbands for the event, they must be asked for at a committee meeting.

Combined Park Days
Anatole is organizing combined park days, starting at the end of March. Each month the park would change. First up is Stormfall Mesa on March 29th.

Highland Games Bids

We have 2 bids to run our booth and fighting pit at this year's Highland Games event. I am looking for discussion on them before final discussion at the park this weekend.

Dakkenly's bid on Google Drive

Cobra's bid on Google Drive

1/31 War Report

Citizens, nobles, and legionnaries,

The long harsh winter is soon to be over, and when we take back our city, it must be in perfect order. The Legate and I have been apalled at our economical situation. The rate of Equuins to Drakes has become three to one within the past month. The reason for our currency inflation was only recently discovered. Hidden in the woods, there was a Bandit King forging Equuins. The Legion took capable care of these charlatans in a timely manner, taking their equipment from them. Now that we are aware, we may restablize our currency.

Strength through Unity,
Page Talifer Impetus du Brume

The following has been declassified after the arrest of the known traitors:

When the Bandit King and his forces mounted a counter-offensive, they did not reclaim their equipment, but a cleverly glamoured device of my design. This allowed us to listen on them and gather information. When the time was right, we performed a surgical, extra-judicial attack. Many traitors were eliminated today. The legion has my thanks.

Crown Qualifications this weekend

Just a reminder that crown qualifications are on Saturday. Sign-ins for fighting and cultural events will be open until 1pm. You can speed up your sign ins by having your item description already written on a white 3x5 card.

There will be an A&S meeting at my place (4910 Palo Alto SE) on Friday starting at 6 for cooking/vintners events and the mancala gaming event. There will be stove, oven and microwave space if you need to heat food entries up before judging. Cooking sign-ins close at 8. The goal is to get all food entries judged quickly after it is entered.

Gaming will start at 6:30. We will be playing a mancala game with a 5x2 board with stores and 4 seeds per house. Pie rule in effect.

Quals info:

2015/01/24 Althing Minutes

Announcements of upcoming local dates
* Wyrmspire Midreign (Santa Fe) on Jan 25th
* Kingdom Midreign (Las Cruces) on Jan 31st
* Pegasus Valley Crown Qualifications Feb 7th
* Pegasus Valley Althing Feb 7th
* Stormfall Mesa (Westside/Rio Ranch) Coronation Feb 8th (Was moved to 1st after meeting)
* Pegasus Valley Coronation March 7th
* Pegasus Valley Althing March 7th

A motion was made by Glenalth to excuse absences for attending the Dragonspine Midreign on Jan 31st. It was passed 7-0.

Shadowcaster is planning on holding a Magic: The Gathering Tournament
Buy-in is $10 and you receive 4 boosters and some land to build a deck with.
This will be considered a strategic gaming event for the purposes of Crown Qualifications. If there are 3 or more entrants the winner gets a cultural event qualification. If there are 5 or more entrants, the top 2 players get a cultural event qualification.

Our Month of Crown is here. Be sure to have your entries ready for the Crown Qualifications tournament.
* Jan 31st
** Last day to declare if you want to run for office.
** Literature entries due.
* Feb 7th
** Crown Qualifications war and cultural events.
** Last day to pay dues to vote in officer elections
* Feb 14th
** Elections
** Champion's Tournament
* Mar 7th
** Coronation

Shadowcaster announced that the usual day for Pathfinder is going to change.

BOD Elections are upon us
* Jan 31st
** Last day to declare if you want to run for a position on the Board of Directors
** Last day to pay dues to vote in BOD elections
* Feb 7th
** Board of Directors elections

More Crown Qualifications information here:

12/6 War Report

Today was a great day! Our buried stockpiles that were plundered from the Iron Mountains thirteen years ago were recovered, melted down, and forged into new coins. Our legion and citizens were able to fend off the bandits and deliver both carts safely to our temporary stronghold.

Stockpiles are still running low, but after our successes today in securing our newly minted coinage perhaps we can start hiring local merchants and craftspeople to replenish our weaponry, food, and magics to take back our duchy.


Althing Minutes 12/6/2014

Althing Minutes for 12/6/2014

  1. Glenalth made a motion to approve $100 to Shadowcaster for the purchase of pizza for next week's midreign feast. The motion failed 2-4.
  2. Midreign feast is on the 13th @ 6PM at Domenici Center, West Building at UNM HSC. Maps and directions will be posted on the website, Facebook, and at the park.
  3. Several people are planning on heading to Wyrmspire (Santa Fe) tomorrow. Details are posted in the threads in the Facebook Group. If you want to take the train, it leaves from downtown ABQ at 8:58 & 1:42 and the return trips leave Santa Fe at 3:27 and 8:12.
  4. An announcement was made that Kira's dad is a butt face. There seemed to be no consensus on this.
  5. The althing was opened up to comments on level testing. The biggest issue is still absent guildmasters. While the GMR has been a potential alternate, there was consensus on allowing any reeve qualified person administer a test if the guildmaster is absent.
  6. Some discussion of dues and what we use them for was had. A motion was made to change dues back to $6 for 6 months instead of the current $10 per 6 months. The motion failed 0-4.
  7. The planned vote to refund overpayment of dues amounts for the last couple of months was discarded as the dues amount was not lowered.
  8. Amatiel reported on Albuquerque Comic Con. We are getting 4x 3 day passes, but we will likely need more. She already plans on purchasing 2 more passes herself. However, if we have a fighting pit we will need more people on hand so that both the booth and the pit can be staffed. A motion was made for the group to fund 2 additional 3 day passes at $40 each if the con allows us a fighting pit/demo area. The motion passed 5-1.
  9. Alucard is running a Toys for Tots tournament next weekend (13th). There will be prizes and coins available to both the winners and sponsors of the winners. To be a fighter or a sponsor you must donate a $5 toy. More information is in the Facebook group and on the website.
  10. This week is the last call for newsletter entries. We always need writing, art, and stuff.

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